Accessories Actually do Matter


Oh I missed being on my blog! Some of you might have been wondering why I have not posted, but of course you guys know I live a busy life. Over the course of the last past few weeks I’ve been shopping. I bought alot of great stuff but I realized some outfits need accessories. As I get older accessories become more important to my outfits, they can really bring your look out. Whether it is a coat,…

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As Summer Comes to An End

So you guys already know my favorite season is coming! I am over the top excited! I have already been “re-uping” on some new clothing for the upcoming season. Before I go on and talk about fall I wanna share some of my outfits that I’ve wore in the last couple of weeks.







I definitely was on my hippie ish the one day. I wanted to be comfortable but also dressed so I threw on some flower…

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